Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Let Go

Let go.
Let go and dream BIG. 
Let go and dream big.
Emphasis on dream.

This is where I've been misunderstanding ... well ... everything.  I've resisted dreaming big because of outcome attachment.  Cuz, you know, the point of dreaming big is to make it happen, right?

WRONG!  ... well, wrong for me.

Dreaming, the dreaming, is the emphasis.  Dream because it makes me feel good, the imagining, the details, the sensory inventing, the perfection of the dream itself.  NO need for it to be, or become, real, to 'manifest'.  Just let go and dream.  And let it be as over the top, vast, infinite, stellar, stupendous, awesome, incredible, unlimited, and unedited as it can possibly be.  It's a dream.  It feels good.

Maybe I'll never have three bookshelves full of books I've written, but boy do I salivate dreaming it.  Maybe I'll never spend a winter in an old-school, old-timey Czech apartment on one of the main squares, writing pithy and intellectual articles for global publications, strolling at dusk through snow-misted cobbled streets, my hands thrust in the deep pockets of an oversized vintage man's coat, my hair in a neat ponytail down my back, under a hand-knitted-by-me pommed stocking cap, returning home to slide under a mountain of homemade, thick quilts on a bed near a fireplace ... but oh does the imagining give me goose bumps.  And that me who rocks a slide guitar on stage at outdoor concerts where everyone is dressed straight from the look-books of Spell and the Gypsy Collective (& my stage outfit is custom made by them!)?  Well, she's wholly dream material and she makes me swell with swagger inside.

It's the DREAMING.  The dream creates/invokes the emotions, and the emotions are a manifestation, the first kind of manifestation, vibrational and thrilling, energized and certain.  No need for guards against 'the other shoe dropping' (dream not coming true) -- because it already IS coming true in the deep pleasure of my emotions.  It's already as real as, maybe MORE real (because it's perfect) than, a physical manifestation of it.  AND, it brings me into alignment; it adds to the momentum of my positivity.  Good grief -- it's a rampage of creativity and appreciation; it's the juice of visualization -- TO FEEL IT.  Just because feeling it feels good!

Receiving this insight just blew the lid off any residue of confusion or hesitation I had left about 'dreaming big' -- it subtracts the jargon, the self-help-speak flavor of it, the big push to outcome, and leaves me with the sheer joy of DREAMING!

I think I'll go write a few songs on my guitar while sitting near the chill-fogged window of my Prague apartment, a hot mug of tea on a nearby table, the coolest embroidered and fringed poncho over my vintage 70s wide-bell jeans ... and my feet all warm and toasty in a pair of TOE SOCKS!  

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  1. Dream on. Dream Weaver..... I am inspired to Dream. Thank you!