Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I Don't Do News

I don't do news.  Zero news, nada news, absolutely NO news - no MSN home page, no Facebook posts or links, no cable, no TV, no newspaper, no discussions with people at work about news, no listening to other people discuss the news.  I don't do news.  3 months of this, now - no news.  No allowing infiltration of my well being with the steady stream of toxic, negative-tuned news. 

Yesterday, I heard someone on a video articulate her dream of creating a news station that only streams good news, uplifting new, positive news.  Six or seven months ago, I wrote that same thing down in my idea notebook, and name it 'Rise'.  I wrote that I want a home page, a network, a magazine, a blog, really all of these -- that only publish or post or stream positive stories.  How hard could it possibly be to tell the 50 ba-billion happy, delightful, and fun 4th of July adventures, versus the one or two tragedies of someone or someone's child getting hurt?  Ya know?  How many villages, all over the world, come together in community to help someone, to inspire one another, to support creativity and life, all the time - but no, we can only hear about who's bombing who, about death and dearth and terror and the very worst of human nature, all the time, ad nauseum! 

I've trained my brain away from allowing penetration of this relentlessly bad, sad, tragic, horrific, pessimistic, speculative, combative, and name-calling 'news'.   I refuse to see it.  I refuse to hear it.  I refuse it, entirely.  The news as it's presented represents the collective choice of others who want a different, negative, flow.  Bad news sells.  So does gossip.  So does slinging crap at and about others.  So does perpetrating the inequities and terror and greed and lies and arguments.  They can have it, no fight from me. 

Head in sand?  Pollyanna Effect?  Unicorns and teddy bears?  Naïve and unrealistic?  1 million percent, and thank you very much - by absolute choice, with deliberate intent!  I choose to see, hear, acknowledge, let in, and flow only what feels good, only what I want to expand and expound on.  Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, whoever I'm with, whatever is going on, I choose to see MY version of the world, of the Universe, of humanity, of individuals, of life.

The Law of Attraction is an inclusive Universal law: 

Focus on what you want, say yes to what you want - it comes, and more of it is drawn. 

Focus on what you don't want, say no to what you don't want, you're still focusing on it, and so more of it comes, and more of it is drawn. 

Guess which way I'm going to go with my focus and my intent?

I am the physical eyes, ears, nose, taste, and touch for the Greater Consciousness, for non-physical energy.  I want, I choose, to be the Delivery Woman of Positivity.  I choose this even if it means making it up, telling the story the way I want it to be.  I am also a creator ... so I'm creating, then telling, MY tale - the tale of unity and well being, the tale of inclusion and positivity, the tale of all kinda good shite going on, all the time, everywhere.  Because it IS - it always is, and I'm taking up accountability for spreading that news, the good news, and the good news only!

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