Thursday, June 30, 2016

The Universal Positivity a la Toni Effect

In class last night, our tool involved an extensive technique to assist in drawing out a self-designed mantra.  I sagged; I recoiled; I resisted.  It felt ... like an assignment.  It felt ... as if to define a mantra, I would be locking myself into something, a box, a narrow path.  I squirmed & gagged & stiffened & denied.

But what did I then do?

I told my partner the truth.  And I asked to be the coachee, the client.  I invited my source energy to support and join the session, and asked it to help me open.  I flat out didn't want to stay stuck in that pinched off, blocked, negative space.

At the end of the hour-long coaching session, I had a mantra, and my mantra had (& still has) me smiling all through.  [Thank you to my coach, Sherida - you summoned it from me!]

I raise my hands, now, palms up in signal of my willingness to receive, in emphasis of my offering - all are my witnesses.

say YES to
being the conduit for and
facilitator of
'Universal Positivity a la Toni Effect'. 
I do this through allowing,
with humility and exuberance,
invoking creativity and flexibility,
and by always remembering the fun factor --
in all ways,
in every NOW.

I say YES to this mantra as
truth in my life
put it into ACTION as done! 

And so it is.

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