Friday, June 17, 2016

Post Life Coaching Foundational Weekend - The High Continues

written Monday, June 13, 2016, 4:36 a.m.
oh my!  Toni is awake, and alive, and stepped into my fullest expansion.  I feel like I'm filled with a huge SECRET of wonder & wonderfulness ... and now it will be revealed to me who I may share it with. 

7:32 a.m.
I want to feel weightless & self-directed & engaged.  I want to love what I'm doing.  I want my "work" to be an extension & expansion of who I really am.  I want meetings to be co-creative, passionate, uplifting - full of discovery & adventure & AHAs & support.  I want to feel weightless.  I want to feel weightless.  Weightless.  I want to feel breath & open space.  I want to feel I expand INTO what I'm doing, all of it; that I'm not recoiling, not shrinking back.  I want to feel like my dance felt on Sunday morning, in class - fully one with my SELF.  I want positive & uplifted & seeking people all around me.  I want to be interacting with people who are doing the work & willing to do the work & loving to do the work, individually and co-creatively.  I want color - in space, in energy, in dialogue.  I want my people!  I want full receptivity to change & expansion & new & leading edge, and I want people who 'GET' all that.  I want to speak my language, the language of my peeps!  I want support, for myself, and to give to these people.  I want REAL.  I want 'snot to be beautiful' (emotion welcome, supported, to move energy).  I WANT MY WORK LIFE TO MOVE ENERGY!  I WANT VISCERAL & AHA & BIRTHING OF BECOMING!!  I want people around me who disdain and shun negativity!  I want SOUL SPEAK, & expansion that keeps adding and adding and adding to well-being and to seeing more & more & more of all that I am, all that each other is, all that we are, all that the work at hand is.  I want to be surrounded by people who are movement-centric, who ask:  how do I _____?  What if I ______?  Let me look behind this door and face what's there, move that energy.  Let me ask for help. 

I want LIFE:  good feeling, positive, movement-focused, open, open spaced seeking LIFE at work, whatever work is.  I want all of that in & of & from & to the work.  I want to FREE myself, my SELF!  I want to dance at work all day; I want work that I think of as 'play - I'm going to play'; I want to do that, wherever I am - life is play, life as play.  I want to be the same inside all the time, no matter what, and then be that outside, all the time.  Seamless.  One.  No separated.

I want to be weightless.  I want to bask in floating downstream, in feeling good by choice, unconditionally, in the path of least resistance.  I want the Hell Yeas!  I want the expansion, because I AM the expansion.  I want to stay limitless, boundless, free, as big as All-That-Is. 

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