Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Life Coaching Certification Course has Begun!

Friday, June 10:  6p-10p*
Saturday, June 11: 9a-6p
Sunday, June 12: 9a-6p

*Written Saturday, June 11, 2016, 5:32 a.m.

Wow!  Oh!!  Last night rocked! 

They asked about our intentions. 
INTENTION.  Intention.  Hmm.  Intention.
To feel good.  To inspire people to their own inner honing device & guidance.
To be a conduit for empowerment.
To be a conduit for empowerment.
To be the conduit that empowers people to the discovery of their own voice, the REAL one.
To be a conduit for introducing others to their own royalty, perfection, voice, creating.
To be a conduit for empowerment & discovery & self-love (others, for themselves).
To be a conduit for everything positive - emotion, action, creativity, empowerment, adventure, self-love.
To be a conduit that helps other people turn on their empowered switch, and help me keep my own turned on.

What's coming up for me already is enormous love:  love for me; love for finding myself among people who speak my language (HOME); love for what I've seen in the others, and learned about them; love for the energy & seeking & openness; love for the willingness to be open & exposed & REAL; love for a place to be All That I Am, all that I truly am; love that I'm in a wholly positive place coming into & being here, a place of discovering the momentum of positivity and my genuine realness.

To be a conduit for the momentum of positivity.

Love of being somewhere, and with people, where I don't have to edit or hold back or shrink-to-fit or quantify or qualify or justify or modify or dilute my WHOLE SELF.


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