Sunday, June 5, 2016

Appreciation in Advance: Thank You Letter for What's Coming

Dear Dear Dear Us!

Thank you for breezes & birds & brilliance & baths & beauty, in every essence of abundance.  Thank you that every now is oceanside & Boho & bubbly & vapor trails & cloud speak & exquisite connection.  Thank you for the thrill & flow of my long hair, so full & thick & wondrous & sensual, and for your expertise in how to care for & style it.  Thank you for my radiant health, my vibrancy & vitality, the alignment of my trillions of cells with us, for my firm arms & abs, my glow, my unlimited smiles & curiosity & joy, and especially for the vast, and vastly expanding, love of and for myself.  Thank you that every now draws me into full awareness of and appreciation for who-I-really-am.  I joyously appreciate excelling in my Life Coaching course - my eagerness & my absorption, my power and my confidence, my utter alignment with this focus area, the sweet & uplifting rendezvous & co-creative participation of all, of us, of you.  I adore feeling my expansion at work, the exhilarating ease & positivity, the endless enormity of my capacity and capabilities.  I thank you for the positive cooperation of & interactions with my colleagues in all that I/we do.  I value and appreciate the rise and expansion in and of all my relationships - the unlimited & unsurpassed love.  I thank you for the unlimited fun & happiness of the financial ease and abundance flowing to & through me in delicious, surprising unfolding & reveal.  I appreciate the ease & wonder of my interactions with people, with money, with contrast, with feeling magnificent in all my nows.  I cherish, adore, & appreciate our vibrational dialogues all the time, and our awesome exchanges during meditation.  I appreciate beyond words the clarity that comes through consciously choosing to feel good, unconditionally, in my every now.  I trust us, you, me, utterly - eternally.  I love the beauty & peace & perfection of my home and home environment.  I'm thrilled by the inspired actions and manifestations that continually flow to me.  I'm in love with 'HELL YEAs'.  I'm in love with myself.  I appreciate knowing who I am!  I love knowing who I am and celebrating my worthiness & deservingness in every aspect of my life.  I appreciate the growth of and response to my blog, the stream of positive comments and emails, and the co-creative collaboration that goes into the composition of each post.  I appreciate and bask in the free-flowing fun of all my imaginings and deliberate creating.  Thank you for the birds coming so close, loving me, trusting me, and understanding my limitless love for them.  Thank you for the constant polka-dot feelings inside, the exuberance, the sass, the humor, the clapping-of-hands delight, the discovery,

the JOY!  the JOY!  the JOY!

And thank you for how easy it all is.

For Eternity,


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