Thursday, June 23, 2016

To Prefer (Recommended Best Practice)

When I experience 'contrast' - which is how the Law of Attraction refers to 'negativity' -- my practice is to immediately identify what I do want.  Emotions like frustration, anger, depression, or confusion clarify (in the moment) what I DON'T want.  But I don't want to focus there, put my attention there, add momentum to it.  Contrast, since early February 2016, has provided me a deliberate opportunity to 'pivot', to ask, 'Okay, it's clear what I don't want -- what do I want?'

Two examples:
1.  Boring meetings, in which the attendees disagree or discuss topics that just don't resonate with me?  I prefer creativity meetings, where the attendees are my 'peeps' - excited, enthusiastic, positive, and the topics are juicy, creative, equally exciting.  I prefer meetings I/we never want to end, because there is so much co-creating and idea-hatching and passion being exchanged.  Hell yea.

2.  A role/project that has had me increasingly cornered into the role of company nag, to the point that people 'just ignore me'?  I prefer to effect my organizational skills in a way that serves the higher interest of all (myself included), and All-That-Is, and to enjoy responsiveness, willing updates, and communication.  I prefer that those on the receiving end of my emails are excited to see my name on the sender line, and stop everything they're doing to focus on what I'm sharing.  I prefer to ignite sparks in people's hearts and souls, not light dynamite under their resistant heinies.  Hell yea.

Today, after 4-1/2 months of relentless practicing of this naming of and asking for what I prefer, what I want, the entire nature of a huge aspect of my professional role changed.  I had no idea it was coming; didn't see it coming at all.  But every essence and component of my preferences are represented in the change. 

Manifestation.  Path lighting up.  I didn't surrender to 'what is' (negativity, negative emotions, attracting more of that).  Instead, I actively and deliberately created my own reality; I pivoted, I redefined, I up-leveled, I raised my vibration.  And it will only get better, because every day for 4-1/2 months, and ongoing, I'm continuing to create what I want and not stay stuck in 'what is'. 

Hell yea.

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