Sunday, June 26, 2016

Purpose as A Component of My Path

All my life, I've resisted goal-setting, defining purpose, specific outlines and aiming of my direction.  I felt ... forced.  I felt ... caged.  I felt ... heavy ... whenever I attempted any of those things, or had to fulfill them as part of job reviews.

I move organically.  Always have.  One book reveals a topic or recommends another ... and so I go.  One conversation piques a resonance to meet someone else, or go somewhere else ... and so I do.  Natural unfolding, uncoerced, revealed moment-by-moment.  Awesome.

At the foundational weekend of my life coaching course, and even at the orientation prior to that, some degree of emphasis was placed on knowing my purpose.  Statements were made that without that knowledge, I'd be aimless, ping-ponging, unfocused.  Internally, I recoiled from that. It sounded like untruth (for me).  So:  I checked in with my Inner Beings, my source, and we collectively agreed if that didn't feel right to me, then it wasn't right for me, and that was/is okay.

This morning, following an outdoor meditation, I wrote, 'Thank you that I'm dreaming, visioning, and really so - not 'wishing', but deep, and deeply-sourced, realizations of my DREAMS and ABILITIES. 
these dreams are guiding me toward discovering how I can be used,
how I may serve, and
toward my purpose. 

my purpose is also ever expanding - it's not a set point, or a goal, at all! 
It's not a one-time, all-encompassing, inflexible thing! 

Whoa!  I LOVE THAT!  oh, I love that!  Because -- it's weightless; it's freeing!  My purpose is to align and take the next step, isn't it!  To feel good, and then to follow inspired action.  oh.  oh.  ohoh.  My purpose, as I'm interpreting it right now, is to serve - no need to define that at all, is there?  That's not my work.

My intention is to feel good, always - wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, whoever I'm with, whatever is going on, unconditionally.

My desire (purpose) is to serve, to be used for the greatest, highest good of All-That-Is, and All-That-I-Am.

My work (which feels like play) is to allow, to align, to feel good, to vibrationally raise myself to be a match with the steps that will (& do) light up and inspire action -- and to relax, to have fun, to be joyous."

* * * * *

Until that writing, purpose felt like naming an outcome, then forcing a path toward it - rigid, fixed, a trap.  Now, purpose has transformed, has joined the emotions and process of being the path, an element of the path.  Purpose, my purpose is not a destination or a definition, is not predetermined or predefined -- but is part of the discovery, part of my remembering who I really am, more & more & more & more.

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