Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Dance with My SELF

On the morning of Sunday, June 12th, at my coaching class, the ±70 of us in the class spread out in a large circle around the perimeter of the huge room we met in, sitting on mats or cushions or in chairs on the ground, with backs on them.  After a guided group meditation, our instructor put on a song - inviting us to sing along, as 'the lyrics are simple'.

I sat in one of those on-the-ground chairs, but sitting upright in a seated mediation position.  Relaxed, from the mediation - so relaxed. 

The song began, easy drums, a female voice I liked immediately.  Then ... that rhythm, that sensual, sultry, funky, bluesy rhythm.  I began noddin' & boppin' in place, and very quickly couldn't contain it.  I stood up, stepped back behind my chair, behind the group, and closed my eyes. 

I danced.  I danced with the rhythm, the relaxation, the connection, with my SELF.  I danced, all sensual and sultry and bluesy and funky.  I danced my rhythm.  I danced my vibration.  I grooved.  I forgot everything else, until about 90 seconds in, when I cracked my eyes and noticed 3 or 4 other women, in the center of the circle, getting their own groove on.

It was ... A Moment.  I sang along with the entirety of me, body and soul and heart and vibration and emotion.  It was inspired & divine & easy & perfect - and it was mine.

Link to the song, below:  Karen Drucker, 'Thank You'.

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