Saturday, June 25, 2016

I've Been Forgetting the 'Why'

My Year Word for 2016:  Allowing

Allowing my path to light up.  Allowing flow.  Allowing expansion.  Allowing discovery.  Allowing the goodness to come.  Allowing my worthiness and deservingness.  Allowing awareness.  Allowing it all (of the positive). 

Allowing has meant not deciding, not pre-determining, not defining or boxing things up with neat labels.  Allowing absolutely means, to me, receiving what is shown to me, as it is shown to me.

So -- in the mornings, when I journal, I'm consistently writing that I 'don't know' the outcomes, of anything, let alone the details.  I'm consistently writing that I really feel no need for that kind of knowing.  I love the moment-by-moment delivery, flow.  I continue to go to work, to go to my Life Coaching class, to be with my family, to do chores ... and to be open to what comes, what I receive.  I feel ideas, more & more & more.  The questions I'm asking, all day long, and during meditation, grow - not in quantity, but in depth.  I don't know if or how I'll use this Life Coaching course; I don't have a Master Plan, a defined purpose, and my intention has been steady at 'I want to learn.'

But oh, is it ever resonating, this course.  Words, words are my magic - spoken, written - words.  So many aspects of the coaching classes resonate!  I love the one-to-one dialogues, the AHA moments (mine, others') and discovery, the deepening of my insight & intuition & listening, the mutual empowerment, the way energy moves in and through, joins, listens, flows and contributes, the way I feel AFTER ... turned up, ideally my SELF, in a higher perspective way.  'I' (ego) lessens and lessens, which opens the flow, which opens the opening for everyone. 

Why does this appeal?  Coaching?  I may not know if or how I'll use it, but I've been forgetting the whys of its calling to me.  ... so people can experience AHAs, and weightlessness, and joy, and realization, and fun, and confidence -- and transformation.  So people can step into their gifts, use their true voices more and more, KNOW more and more, be more fully alive in their nows, in their lives, every moment.  So people's hearts can relax, exhale, open.  So people's soul knowing can be heard by them again.  I want people to experience what's happening to me, what's been happening to me.  If I can be a conduit to help people on that journey ... oh.  My!  If I can -- be used to help others find their soothing, and ease, their self-understanding ... oh.  My!!  I want to help others find (again), remember! who-they-really-are!  I love that.  Yes.  I'm not creating that in them - it's already there, has always been there.  But I want to help people recall it, remember it, retrieve it, unbury it, and step into it again, anew.  I want people to LOVE themselves again, open to all-they-are! 

Articulating the why feels like it brings the details' flow closer to me -- the who, what, where, when, & how specifics.  Or anyway, knowing WHY helps shape those, clarify those, and will also help me recognize them as each step lights up for me.  I love that - I still don't know what any of those are, and still don't feel a need to know -- but I do appreciate the clarity that comes from knowing my WHY. 

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